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Why Web Automation?

Now a days every business/company has a website to drive the business or sales through the website like trading, e-commerce. So web automation is very important to make sure that your website is working as expected.

Selenium Training CourseSelenium is the best automation tool for web automation with lot of jobs in the market. Let’s work together to make you expert in Selenium & Web automation.

Why Choose Us?

  • Job Oriented Best Quality Training
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  • Excellent Experienced Instructors
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Our brand new Selenium training course is perfectly designed to teach you all the essentials that you need for a Selenium Automation Tester job. This course provides technical and practical experience required for Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Junit, TestNG, Eclipse, Maven, Hybrid Framework and Selenium Grid to succeed in the workplace and to be productive from day one of your job.

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I attended the 3 day Selenium course and found it to be well run. The instructor was very knowledgeable and set a good pace for everyone; any questions were fully covered. The coverage was comprehensive and I went from knowing very little Selenium to having good confidence in its use by the end. I found the course to be very good value for money.

Adrian Wood-Jones
QA Systems Tester, BBC

I recently took a 3 days selenium course with ABSoft Trainings, great training and trainer, covered all areas of selenium IDE, RC and GRID, good practice examples, lots of practise session which was very beneficial, which means I was able to apply to my current project at work. Thanks to ABSoft Trainings for this great experience and training.

Adewumi Adefioye
Software Tester, ServerSide Group Limited

I have attended for selenium training at ABSoft, my kudos to ABSoft for a such high quality training for 3 days. It was very useful for me to apply these concepts in my work straightaway. Especially the concepts about selenium automation framework were taught brilliantly. Training was a good mixture of hand-on experience and presentation sessions.

Raveendra Naidu
Software Engineer, Nokia

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Subscribe to get top free videos, hot offers and latest news!

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